Robotic Furniture Could Transform Your Home

by Tefal Team on 22 July 2016
  • Sometimes there just isn’t enough space in our homes. Whether you need to make the most of a small room or only have a small flat to furnish, space really does come at a premium. This is why Ori Systems latest invention could be the perfect solution for you.

    The start-up company has created shape-shifting robotic furniture that allows you to make the most of your room. Working to the principle that space is too expensive for things to stay in one place, Ori Systems designed a multi-use system that has everything you need to furnish a room.

    Aiming to make micro studios or one bedroom apartments more livable, the company set out intending to create a single piece of furniture that could allow a room to be multi-use, depending on what someone needed it for at the time. This means that one room could work as a bedroom and a living room, curing you of your small space woes.

  • Combining robotics and furniture design, Ori Systems created a unit that moves backwards and forwards on wheels when you touch a button. It does this freely so you don’t need to install any unsightly tracks on the floor. While you may have been hoping the unit would become a transformer, this small action can make a huge difference to your home.

    You also don’t need to be concerned about how much electricity the robotics use, as they need only a quarter of the power that your hairdryer requires.

    On one side of the unit features a space for your TV, as well as shelving space and a bench to create your living room. The other side has a cupboard, storage space, a fold-out desk and a slide-out bed.

  • When you need to create a living room space, you can position the unit against a wall to hide the bedroom side. At night, you can then move it in the other direction to allow access to your bedroom with minimal fuss. This means you can either split a room in two or create a large room depending on your needs at the time.

    You can also preset your lighting preferences, either by using the remote or a phone app, helping you to set the mood depending on what side you’re using.

    At the moment, the unit is only being released in the US, but if it proves successful, it could come across the pond to the UK. This means you could soon be making the most out of your home while helping it to look chic and stylish at the same time.

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