Smartphones: Ultimate Kitchen Assistants?

by Tefal Team on 15 July 2016
  • With it being world emoji day we thought we’d celebrate the evolution of the mobile phone. Emojis are a great phenomenon which visually show how mobile phones have evolved, and how our communication has too.

    And, boy oh boy haven’t they changed and haven’t they changed our lives? Something that was once merely a tool for emergency communication, located in ambulances, police cars and fire engines is now readily available to us in every colour, shape and size known to man.

  • Today they allow us to perform a whole manner of activities, some we couldn’t even imagine. Of course we can still make calls and even send texts solely using an emoji keyboard and communicate effectively; but we can also pay bills, do exercise, watch TV, build websites, do the shopping – the list goes on and on.

    In the midst of the evolution of the mobile phone, for us, we have to acknowledge that today the ultimate activity you can do with your phone is cook a meal. That’s right, we said cook a meal. Our new connected range, ActiFry Smart XL and Cook4Me Connect, features interactive technology that connects to your smartphone, tablet and other electronic devices to make cooking your favourite meals a piece of cake!

  • For those that don’t already know, these appliances already allow you to cook a variety of healthy meals easily and quickly as they automatically set recipe times and cooking temperature, making you the master chef of your kitchen. Our new one-pot wonder Cook4me Connect comes with over 60 pre-programmed recipes, which include step-by-step guides, detailing the exact ingredients and measurements needed for each dish, all via its LED display.

    Not only that but the dedicated app also gives you advanced demonstrations on how to cook the recipe, with full images and videos that make it near impossible to make a mistake. Thanks to its Bluetooth function, you can keep up to speed and in control of the cooking process from anywhere in the house via your smartphone.

    The ActiFry XL Smart features patented heat pulse system and a rotating stirring paddle, the new Smart Technology, automatically adjusts the temperature, time and stirring motions according to your chosen meal. Simply select your recipe and the app will tell you when and even shows you where to place ingredients inside the ActiFry, so now you can cook everything in one go! If you need to slow dinner down a bit because the family are running late, you can even pause cooking directly from the app while sat on your sofa.


    Find out more about the new ActiFry Smart XL and Cook4Me Connect. What would you cook first?

Meals from your mobile

The smarter way to home cooked meals

Cook4Me Connect
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