5 Ironing & Garment Care Hacks

by Tefal Team on 15 July 2016
  • Love it or loathe it, the fact of the matter is that the ironing has to get done. That’s why it falls under the bracket of ‘chores’. Quite simply because ironing can be tedious, time consuming and for many of us overwhelming, especially if you are ironing for more than one. As much as you may try to run, you most certainly cannot hide, from a pile which will no doubt grow day by day.

    With all of that in mind, here are 5 simple hacks which should cut your ironing time down by half! You can thank us later:

    • Dampen your clothes

      If you are blessed enough to own a tumble drier, optimize its effectiveness by slightly dampening your clothes before throwing them in the drum to dry. This will whip out most wrinkles pretty swiftly. Please do note that this is most effective if you wear these clothes straight away.

    • Do smaller washing loads

      To avoid a walk down ‘Crease Alley’ when it comes to ironing, take extra care when popping your laundry in the washing machine. Doing smaller loads of washing, rather than stuffing your machine until it’s overloaded works out for less wrinkled clothing and in turn less ironing!

    • Spritz your shirts

      For super crisp shirts, press them with an iron containing no water, and instead use a water bottle and spritz your shirts as you go.

    • Hang your washing up ASAP!

      If you want to cut your ironing down by half easily, simply fold or hang your washing up as soon as it comes out of the machine. The quicker you do this, the less time wrinkles have to settle.

    • Shake it out

      Whether you are transferring your washing from the machine to the clothes line or from the dryer to the wash basket, shake everything out! Less twists = less wrinkles = less time spent ironing.

  • Do you have any ironing hacks that you just couldn’t live without?

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