How to Update Your Home Office

by Tefal Team on 11 July 2016
  • If you’re like many of us, you’ve probably found yourself working at home more regularly, either in place of going to the office or, dare we say it, in the evenings and weekends. Whether that’s wading through mundane office paperwork or sorting out the home utility bills, there seems to be plenty of work we need to get done while we’re at home. Love it or loathe it these things simply have to be done, so we’re here to help to make working at home a little more bearable.

    Firstly, rest assured that jazzing up your work space does not call for contracting builders or setting up a full-scale extension, but simply implementing small, effective measures to create an environment conducive to work.

    Here’s a few ways you can do just this:


    • You only need two things

      Truly, you only need two things to make a working space: a desk and a chair. If you really want to treat yourself, you might add some floating shelves. Try and make this furniture blend into the room so it’s not an eyesore!

    • Set up by a window

      If your work makes you want to hit your head against a wall, why work in front of one? Setting up a desk near a nice window is not only great for natural light so as not to strain your eyes, but it’s also nice to look out once in awhile and watch the world go by.

    • Make your wall worth looking at

      If setting yourself up near a window isn’t possible, make your wall worth looking at. Put up some of your favourite photographs, paintings or maybe even some inspiring quotes. Perhaps you could add a shelving unit and use it to store some of your favourite books.

    • Don’t cut corners!

      A corner in any living space should not be overlooked. A corner can give you a nice spot to retreat into when you need to reply to a letter or read the newspaper. Kit it out with a beanbag or cushion: simply build yourself an escape den!

    • Keep your workspace tidy

      Would you want to have to work at a desk covered in month-old paperwork? Keep your workspace minimalist and tidy if you don’t want the room to look too crowded – you know what they say about tidy rooms making for a tidy mind.

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