Say Goodbye to Rain-Drenched Washing

by Tefal Team on 13 June 2016
  • We’ve all been there, you’ve just put a full load of washing on the line and are just about to sit down with a cup of tea when the heavens open. You can either sit tight and hope that it’s just a shower or risk tipping tea down your lap as you run out to hastily pull everything off the line before it gets soaked.

    With British weather being unpredictable at best, hanging your clothes out to dry really can be a bit of a gamble. Luckily, a new invention could take the risk factor out of doing your washing by letting you know when it is about to rain.

  • Australian laundry brand Omo has released a new smart clothes peg called Peggy, which sends you a notification when it feels like rain is on the way. It also helps you work out when the best time to do your washing is by estimating how long a load will take to dry based on the weather.

    Peggy looks just like a classic split clothespin but it features a built-in thermometer, which monitors changes in temperature. It also has a humidity sensor so it can track precipitation, and a light sensor to tell whether it is day or night.

    The peg connects directly to your smartphone via an app so you can easily see a weather snapshot, what time it is best to put a load on and an estimated dry time. This means you’ll have plenty of time to do other things and you no longer have to keep running in and out to hang your washing and take it down again when rainclouds descend.

  • Of course, it also means that you can track the weather when you’re out and about to nudge teenagers to get clothes off the line if your Peggy says it’s about to rain.

    Omo developed Peggy after research showed that parents want more time to play with their children. The peg means you can enjoy more free time with your little ones as you can be a lot more organised with your washing.

    You can also set up the Peggy app to receive personal notifications about events in your area, as well as games and activities for your whole family to enjoy. This means you really get your money’s worth.

    While Peggy isn’t yet commercially available – its prototype is currently being tested – a spokesperson for Omo said that more than 7,000 people have already registered their interest in buying one, which could mean the device hits stores soon.

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