Our Top Tips For A Garden Party

by Tefal Team on 20 May 2016
  • Nobody throws a garden party quite like The Queen and her recent 90th birthday celebrations have definitely put us in the mood for a knees up. It may feel like we wait an eternity for a little sunshine in the UK, but when it does make an appearance we certainly know how to make the most of the great outdoors.

    Your garden party doesn’t have to be attended by over 1,500 people (not to mention the 900 horses) to go off with a bang – it can still make an impression with some of our favourite garden party tips.

  • Preparation is key

    Make as much as you can the night before and keep it ready in the fridge – fresh salads and cold pasta dishes are perfect for outdoor parties. If you’re looking to impress, we think these garden party recipes are simply mouthwatering!

  • Get creative

    Save old glass bottles, jars and cans in the weeks leading up to your party and use them to make beautifully original lights and candle holders. Empty cans with punched holes or wine bottles make excellent candle holders. Alternatively, fill empty jam jars with water and drop in floating candles with a little citronella oil to ward off those pesky summer bugs.

  • On a bugdet?

    Hosting your own garden party doesn’t need to be costly to be fun: a quick Pinterest search will throw up some innovative yet simple ideas. Some of our favourite quick hacks include a water balloon pinata (maybe save that one for the kids and definitely only one for a hot summer’s day!), orange-half sorbet bowls or cupcake-liner drinks-protectors, as featured on awesomeinventions.com.

  • When it rains...

    Being prepared for the rain is something we Brits pride ourselves on and a downpour doesn’t necessarily have to spell the demise of the day. Rent a sturdy party tent or secure a tarp to trees or posts over main areas and you can still enjoy the outdoors without a soaking. Just to be on the safe side, it’s worth planning some movies or indoor games for any younger guests.

  • Go for a theme

    If you’re looking to host something a little more… Instagrammable, a vintage tea party can go down a treat and is a great excuse to ask your guests to get dressed up and into the spirit of things. If you feel like doing something particularly ‘adventurous’, we think this theme is just fantastic!

    What are your top tips for an outdoor party?

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