6 of the Best Sandwich Recipes

by Tefal Team on 09 May 2016
  • We all love a good sandwich, right? Whatever your taste, whether you want a classic cheese sandwich with a bit of pickle or if you’re a bit fancy and prefer a cucumber sandwich on the finest olive foccacia, a good sandwich at lunchtime can turn an average day into a great one.

    As much as we love sandwiches, there’s always a bit of a debate as to what’s best. What fillings should be included? What bread is best? Should you have a bit of salad in there? Do you top it off with mayo, mustard or a bit of piccalilli? And is it wrong that we still love a crisp sandwich?

    British Sandwich Week has sparked this classic debate yet again in our office. Join the debate and let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or in the comments below what your perfect sandwich is.

    If you need some inspiration, check out the incredible sandwich recipes we’ve had our eye on recently in the gallery below.

    • The BCKT

      A twist on the classic BLT of course, BCKT stands for Bacon, Crispy Kale and Tomato. However, this recipe from Eat Like a Girl goes beyond just swapping out the lettuce, to make the kale a big part of this sandwich and we love how it works.

    • Ultimate clean eating sandwich

      One for you healthy eaters out there, the Kitchen Shed shares what she says is the ultimate clean eating sandwich. This clean sandwich brings together proscuitto, egg and avocado  in a winning combination.

    • Fish finger sandwich

      A pub classic, but have you tried making your own at home? And we don’t mean with frozen fish fingers, but making your own big, chunky fish fingers from scratch. As pointed out by She Cooks She Eats, it’s only tasty but satisfying too.

    • Pickled beetroot and goats cheese ciabatta

      Okay, now this is a proper posh sarnie! But this pickle beetroot, goats cheese, roasted pepper and ciabatta sandwich from Grubby Little Faces is for when you want something extra special in a sandwich. And this absolutely hits the spot.

    • Chicken plantain sandwich

      This one’s definitely quite different, as Recipes from a Pantry delivers some Sierra Leone street food flavours with this chicken plantain sandwich, served with peanut butter gravy. That’s right, peanut butter gravy. From that alone, we’re in!

    • Bacon sandwich

      Of course, you just can’t go wrong with a bacon sandwich. Perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner, a bacon sandwich will always go down well. Cook it just as you like it on the OptiGrill. Then all you’ve got to decide is brown sauce or red?

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