How much do you know about Jamie Oliver?

by Tefal Team on 01 April 2016
  • Wherever in the world you live, you’ve probably heard of Jamie Oliver. TV chef turned international food icon, Jamie Oliver is much more than just a cook with TV programmes broadcast in dozens of countries. A bestselling author and owner of countless restaurants around the globe, Jamie is also a staunch advocate for healthy, balanced eating. But how did he get to where he is today?

  • Jamie Oliver’s Route To Fame

    While Jamie now figures among the world’s most famous chefs, the many other facets of this British icon are sometimes less well-known. His route to fame started on the set of the cooking show The Naked Chef, but ever since then he’s been putting his talents to other uses, too.

    Inquisitive and passionate, Jamie’s interest in cooking is fuelled primarily by his desire to help people in their daily lives.

    So nowadays, when Jamie Oliver’s name is mentioned, people don’t just think of his many recipe books, cookery courses and restaurants (such as Fifteen and Jamie’s Italian), but also of his crusade for healthy living for everyone.

  • Advocating Healthy Eating

    Jamie’s agenda has always been about getting families cooking together and eating homemade meals full of fresh ingredients. It’s an anti-junk food crusade that calls on young and old alike to start cooking simple, delicious recipes with quality ingredients. Jamie’s website features a huge variety of recipes and inspiration to get you cooking up a storm in the kitchen and enjoying eating wholesome, healthy food. So it seemed a natural step for him to team up with Tefal to develop a range of pots and pans that meet everyone’s needs – from home cooks to serious chefs and everyone in between.

    Want to know more? Check out the Jamie Oliver by Tefal range and head over to the Jamie Oliver website for recipes, inspiration, nutrition advice and more.

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