Clipso + Wins Pressure Cooker Head-To-Head

by Tefal Team on 05 February 2016
  • You’ve probably heard of a pressure cooker, but it’s likely you’ve not taken the steps towards using one.

    However, have you ever spared a thought as to how useful they can be as an addition to your kitchen appliance team?

    On February 5th, the new BBC2 consumer show ‘What To Buy and Why’ featured one our favourite pressure cookers, the Tefal Clipso + and even invited a Michelin starred chef to test it against some competitor products. As a big fan of pressure cookers, he felt that the reduced cooking times offer a great way to regularly make healthy, home cooked food from scratch despite the pressures of our ever increasingly hectic lifestyles.

  • He was asked to cook an identical dish in three different pressure cookers and throughout the process he was asked to assess the usability of each pressure cooker and then ultimately to compare how well each stacked up against each other, in terms of how well the meat was cooked and of course, the overall taste.

    The Tefal Clipso + finished in pole position! It gained high praise for its many plus points. The chef praised the fact Clipso + was dishwasher friendly and that it could be used on all types of hob. He also pointed out how user-friendly the cooker was overall, specifically pointing out  the illuminated pressure indicator on the top of the device and also how good the  handles were to use.

    He concluded that he would recommend the Tefal Clipso+ over the other products tested.

  • With even a Michelin starred chef giving high praise, we felt it was time to share some love towards pressure cookers, and their many uses.

    Pressure cookers can be used for an assortment of cooking niches, including: to simmer, braise, steam, bake, boil (takes deep breath), poach, sauté and fry, actually making it one of the most versatile items you can own in your kitchen. It’s as easy as putting everything in the pot, securing the lid and letting the magic take place.

    Why not test the advantages yourself and spice up your usual meals by creating one our favourite pressure cooker dishes? Asian short ribs!

Meet The Clipso+

Safe, sturdy & stylish, pressure cookers are back!

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