Ironing Black Clothing

by Tefal Team on 04 September 2015
  • Whatever the season, black is always in — you have your black trousers and skirts, and then your black T-shirts for chilling out. In other words, you love black, because it always looks elegant and goes with anything. There’s just one problem — your iron leaves marks on your clothing and then you have to start all over again! Don’t panic, here are a few practical tips for perfectly-ironed black clothes.

  • How to keep your black garments looking perfect

    Even the slightest trace of white limescale can ruin a black garment—and you can’t wear a suit that doesn’t look absolutely impeccable! To avoid catastrophes, clean your steam iron regularly and say no to limescale – the enemy of perfect ironing. Then use this very simple yet highly effective trick — place a damp cloth (a smooth, clean tea towel is ideal) over your black garments before ironing them. This technique avoids the unsightly iron shine that makes your clothes look old and worn-out.

    If possible, store your black clothes with other dark colours and avoid putting them next to woollen jumpers that may moult. When hanging up your clothes, leave a space between each garment, because wardrobe overcrowding quickly leads to very unsightly creases.

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