How To Iron Sheets

by Tefal Team on 07 August 2015
  • Once upon a time, you were quite happy to fold and put away your sheets straight from the tumble dryer. Now, all that’s changed – you long for well-ordered cupboards and perfectly-ironed sheets. So here are a few tips for hassle-free sheet ironing.


  • A few ironing tips to simplify your life

    Before ironing them, you first need to wash your sheets at the right temperature (check the label) and dry them properly, ideally on a large clothes line or in a tumble dryer. Steam generator irons are perfect if you often have a lot of sheets to iron – highly user-friendly, they feature a very powerful steam jet to get creases out in an instant.

    But don’t panic – a steam iron will work just as well if your sheet is laid out right. Above all, don’t let it trail on the floor – you may walk on it, get it dirty and have to start all over again! Fold your sheet lengthwise and use horizontal strokes from the centre to the outer edge. Once you’ve finished the section on your ironing board, gently slide your sheet forward and continue until you reach the other edge. Then turn it over and repeat the process on the other side. A few jets of water or steam will quickly get rid of any creases and make the task even easier.

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