Bread: your daily breakfast!

by Tefal Team on 11 February 2014
  • For a bright start to the day, make bread a part of your daily breakfast!

    To start the day on the right foot, there’s nothing better than a breakfast of fresh, warm bread and enough time to savour every mouthful. Full of vitamins, fibre, carbohydrates, protein and minerals, bread is an ideal choice for all the family. And different countries each have a different take on this easy-to-make food.

  • All kinds of bread, just as you like it

    Throughout the world, bread appears in an almost infinite number of forms. From Indian naans to the French baguette, not forgetting the traditional white loaf, you can now enjoy a different type of bread with every meal, breakfast included. Whether you prefer a crunchy slice of toast straight from the toaster, or a piece of soft baguette smothered in butter and jam, bread is your best ally to start the day with a smile on your face.

    You can also choose from a variety of flavours. If you like sliced bread, you can now get it in granary, wholemeal, or even crustless! And why not make your own bread? Treat yourself to a bread maker, so that you can try out lots of different bread recipes, and prepare for breakfast by baking a fresh loaf the night before. You can choose the ingredients, weight and how you’d like the crust cooked, entirely to suit you!

    There’s nothing like the taste of a fresh baguette or warm loaf at the weekend, so head off to your favourite bakery at least once a week for fresh bread straight from the oven. This will also give you the chance to try out some new varieties, as well as giving you a moment of utter pleasure.

    To find out more about bread, take a look at our mouth-watering and informative graphic.

    To make the most of your morning bread, be sure to accompany it with a hot drink from the coffee maker or kettle best suited to your needs.

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