Adding Extra Oil to Your Pan? You Might Want to Think Again!

by Tefal Team on 16 June 2017
  • Adding oil to your food is a standard part of a lot of cooking, but how often do you think about how much oil you’re actually eating? It’s so easy to add a splash in a pan, drizzle some over a salad or indulge in something deep-fried, but it all adds up.

    In fact, new research from FryLight has revealed that, on average, we eat around five and a half bathtubs of oil in our lifetime! This works out to around six and a half litres of cooking oil every year, which isn’t the healthiest habit.

    All of this oil equates to an extra 57,500 calories each year, which can have a huge impact on your health and waistline. In terms of calories, this works out to around 320 bags of crisps, which would be a bit of a mammoth task to get through.

  • Priya Tew, dietician, told The Sun: “Fat is something our bodies need, but we don’t need a large amount of it.

    “And while many cooking oils can offer health benefits when used in the right quantities, it’s important to manage the amount consumed.”

    It’s a good idea to look at how you can reduce the amount of oil you eat, such as by avoiding deep-fried food and halving the amount you put in pans or on baking trays. You can also try cooking in an ActiFry, which needs just a spoonful of oil to whip up crispy, golden chips!

    If you want to use FryLight, or other low-cal cooking sprays, to cut calories down even further, you can do so in your ActiFry. The best way to do this is to spray it on the food before you put it into the ActiFry or remove the bowl and spray it away from the machine. This stops the oil from getting into the motor, which can cause damage, but still results in tasty food that is cooked in a healthy way.

  • Frylight also found that certain foods hold a lot more oil than others, which can mean you’re eating more calories than you realise.

    Soft vegetables – such as courgettes and aubergines – seem to be one of the worst things when it comes to acting as oil sponges, with 100g of mushrooms jumping from 36 calories to 215 when shallow fried. This is actually more unhealthy than a shallow-fried chicken breast.

    To stop vegetables soaking up so much oil, try baking or roasting them on a non-stick surface instead. You can also cook them in the ActiFry to make them healthy and delicious.

    It definitely seems like cutting down on oil is the right choice for us, especially when you think about how unappetising bathtubs full of the stuff are!

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