Foods to Say Thanks to Dad

by Tefal Team on 14 June 2017
  • This Sunday (June 18th) is Father’s Day, making it the perfect opportunity to pamper pops and show him how awesome he is. While his idea of a great Sunday might be to catch up with the football, chill out in the garden or just generally put his feet up, you can probably make the day even better with some delicious treats.

    As well as finding a great card to put a message in, why not whip up some tasty snacks for your dad on Father’s Day so he can really sit back and relax? Skip the standard breakfast in bed – he’ll probably appreciate the lie in any way – and instead have a look at what different foods you can make him.

    To help you out, we’ve found some fantastic ideas that he’s sure to love. If you’ve got little ones, they can get stuck in in the kitchen with these options too, making it even more special.

  • Dad's personal sweet jar

    What dad wouldn’t like a jar filled with all his favourite sweets just for him? All you need is a nice big jar – or several if you want to separate the types of sweets you’re giving – and some of his top sweet choices in order to make a Father’s Day pick and mix.

    While you could just buy some sweets from the supermarket, why not put a bit more time in and make some of your own? This extra little touch is sure to be appreciated, plus you can experiment with a few different sweets based on other things he likes.

    Try making this great Coca-Cola fudge, some cheesecakes bites or keep it simple with chocolate lollies (they don’t need to be Easter egg shaped). Just try to make sure there are some left over for dad after you’ve tested them all!

  • The ultimate fry-up

    Just because we said to skip breakfast in bed, it doesn’t mean your dad needs to miss out on breakfast all together. After all, what would Father’s Day be without a full fry-up?

    Yes, we know that a full English isn’t the healthiest meal in the world and it isn’t the easiest to get little ones involved with, but there are ways you can make it healthier and simpler. Rather than frying everything, cook it in an ActiFry or on your OptiGrill. This means your little ones can simply press a button to get things cooking and you end up with a meal that has a lower fat content.

    You can also make the fry-up even more special by making your own hash browns, whipping up some homemade ketchup and even cooking baked beans from scratch.

  • A big cake

    Who wouldn’t like a big cake from their kids? We’re pretty sure that baking a huge cake is one of the best ways to show appreciation for someone – especially as you’ll probably get to enjoy a slice or two!

    Whether you just want to keep your design simple – there’s nothing wrong with a classic Victoria sponge – or go for something more complicated – like this chocolate orange cake – cake is always a welcome addition to a Sunday. Not only is it delicious, it’s also really easy to get kids involved, as they can help with the mixing and decorating, as well as the eating.

    Of course, when it comes to making your cake or cakes look perfect for Father’s Day, you definitely need to put some extra effort in. Why not make some mini tools to go on top, turn your cake into a football pitch or even a racing track? All you need is ready-to-roll icing and some food colouring.

    No matter what you whip up for dad this Father’s Day, we’re sure he’ll appreciate the effort – even if he does have to share!

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